Our member benefits explained

Be listed on our Find a Physio directory

Find a Physio is an online directory of UK private physiotherapists. Being listed on Find a Physio gives your patients the reassurance that you are a trustworthy practice and a member of the only trade organisation for private physiotherapists in the UK. 

Your online store to benefit your patients and your practice

Host your own online e-store through our partners eComNow and Paya Group, to get discounts for your own supplies and commission on the products you recommend to your patients. By being involved in their rehab and exercise equipment purchases, you can ensure they are using exactly what they need to get the best outcomes at discounted prices. A win/win for you, your patients and your clinic. 

Helping you to achieve your patient outcomes through provable quality and benchmarking

Data for Impact is our online, standardised, data collection tool created by us in collaboration with the University of Brighton. You can use it to input and analyse data on your practice, patients, treatments and outcomes. Taking part in Data for Impact is the first step to becoming a Quality Assured Practitioner (QAP) or Quality Assured Clinic (QAC) status.
Our unique Physio First Quality Assured Practitioner (QAP) scheme aims to help our members to demonstrate what private physiotherapy can offer to patients, and how skills, experience and treatment techniques can achieve the best outcome for every patient.  
Our QAC scheme is available where all MSK practitioners within the clinic are full or affiliate members of Physio First or Quality Assured Clinic Participants, and have submitted sufficient patient outcome data into our Data for Impact tool that demonstrates quality standards across the whole clinic.
Physio First members have the opportunity to complete our unique practice profiling surveys which enable us to benchmark our businesses against other private physiotherapists and the healthcare marketplace in general.