In partnership with eComNowUK and the Paya Group, Physio First members have the opportunity to access your own, personalised online store where you can purchase products for your patients at discounted prices. Your store is convenient to use, and gives you a fair share of commission made on any purchase

It’s time to start earning money from your expertise when recommending products. It’s convenient for your patients too as you simply send them a pre-filled shopping cart link including all your product recommendations, streamlining the whole process. All products are sourced from our trusted partners, Trimbio and Talarmade, and shipped directly to your patients. You don’t touch, store, or reorder the products, and there’s no time wasted tracking inventory. The cost to you as a member? Well, sign up now and you’re guaranteed zero monthly platform fees… forever!

And that’s not all, once the pilot is complete, you’ll gain access to wholesale prices for all your clinic essentials too, from bed rolls to Pilates equipment, all delivered straight to your clinic door. 

Want to find out more? Watch our short demo video!

Here are some handy support guides for you to use when setting up your eStore:


Why do we have to charge customers of our members’ eStores Vat?

The simple answer is that whilst each member’s eStore has its own branding and is used only by our member the whole platform that enables it, is run by Physio First i.e. the connectivity between our member’s eStore, your patient, the vendors and the payment interfaces means that technically Physio First is the vendor and therefore Vat has to be charged and repaid to HMRC.

Currently HMRC case law has concluded that we would need to charge VAT as the item, although recommended by the health professional, is being sold by Physio First and because the public could access our eStores and purchase items directly.

That said, Physio First is working with our platform partners to seek a response from HMRC to see if it is possible to pass on the zero rating that comes with products supplied by registered healthcare professionals but this process will take time.

Updated 05/12/23