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Our Big 5 unique benefits

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1. Get our latest marketplace information

Find out what’s happening in the world of private physiotherapy. Every month we’ll share information with you on important topics within our sector.

2. Benchmark your practice

Complete short surveys and gain your own unique report, benchmarking your practice against others working in private physiotherapy.

3. Get Data for Impact reports

Get illuminating data on treatments, outcomes and patient profiles by participating in our innovative Data for Impact programme. You can use this data for your CPD and towards our Physio First Quality Assured Practitioner kite mark. Click on "Get Data for Impact Reports" to sign up for Data for Impact.

4. Take part in our private LinkedIn forum

Only our members have access to this safe and trusted, member-only LinkedIn forum. Discuss specific private physiotherapy issues, ask questions and exchange information with colleagues.

5. Become a Quality Assured Practitioner and a Quality Assured Clinic

Our Quality Assured Practitioner and Quality Assured Clinic status gives you, your patients and the general public peace of mind. Demonstrating that you are Physio First Quality Assured Practitioners promotes trust and gives confidence.



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