Mehab Health & Well-being 

Mehab is a platform dedicated to the health and well-being of clinicians, offering 1:1 and group coaching, courses, speaking events as well as the You Matter Podcast

When did you last stop? Long enough to look beyond the next patient, meeting, article, guideline? Not to mention the next meal to cook or child/spouse/parent to check in with? Mehab has been set up by clinicians who realise that amid all this caring and worrying about everyone and everything else, you are often bottom of the pile.

Mehab is a space that provides practical advice, resources, a community and most importantly a listening ear all with the aim of offering help and support to anyone that feels overwhelmed by their day-to-day clinical workload, who has forgotten that work is part of your life not all of your life, that is struggling to make time for themselves without feeling guilty and that wants balance but can’t find a way to achieve it. 

"As a clinician of over twenty years, I am tired of seeing great people undervalued, and undervaluing themselves. I imagine a healthcare system where we are taught the importance of reflection and self-care at university. Where this is an ongoing cpd requirement, essential for the job not just ‘nice to have’.

I imagine a system where clinicians are supported with coaching, mentoring, and counselling, appropriate to their needs throughout their career. We are crying out for change in healthcare. For clinicians to be innovative and courageous changemakers, we need to be well. Mehab is part of that vision."

Founder Jo Turner 

Partnership between Physio First and Mehab 

Mehab is delighted to partner with Physio First and support them in their vision to enable members to develop successfully as private practitioners. Success can mean many things but for many it includes staying well and finding joy in life and career. Mehab delivers coaching, courses, speaking events and the You Matter podcast all with the aim of keeping clinicians healthy, happy and achieving the success and enjoyment they deserve.

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Physio First members have access to a 30 minute discovery call with Jo


Using Exercise to Process Stress and Emotion

Watch Jo's video on using exercise to process stress & emotion. Visit the Mehab website to view a range of different videos.

You Matter Podcast 

You Matter is a podcast dedicated to you, the person behind the uniform. Join host Jo Turner, Physiotherapist and Coach, in conversations that reach to the heart of healthcare. Who are we? What do we see for the future of our professions and the wider culture of health? And how do we sustain ourselves on that journey? Click below if you’d like to listen!

You Matter Podcast

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