QAC Participation Programme

QAC Participation Programme

Our QAC Participation Programme will allow a full member (Practice Principal) to register all their physio team members for the Data for Impact (DfI) scheme and have their clinic work towards the QAC status for a low-cost annual subscription.

What is the Physio First QAC Participation scheme?

It is a scheme that the Physio First executive has developed for practice principals, who are members of Physio First, to enable their clinics to become Quality Assured Clinics.

Before it existed, to become a QAC, every physio MSK team member in a clinic had to be a member of Physio First or a part-time subscriber.


  • only one practice principal need be a full member
  • that practice principal is allowed to join every other MSK physio practitioner in their clinic as a QAC Participant
  • each QAC Participant  can collect data through our DfI scheme that will be analysed by our University of Brighton team

making the process simpler and less expensive, to become a Quality Assured Clinic. 

I'm a practice principal and a paid member of Physio First how do I sign up my physio MSK clinic team to become QAC Participants?

All you need to do is complete the simple application form below, to confirm:

  • that you (the practice principal) are a member of Physio First  
  • the names of your physio MSK colleagues
  • whether each works more or less than 10 hours a week

and then pay the annual subscription indicated i.e. £125 per year for physio MSK colleagues who work more than 10 hours and £60 for those who work 10 hours or less.


Once the Physio First team receive your completed application form and payment, they will pass all details to our University of Brighton team, who will take you through the processes that:

  • match the minimum number of data sets required to each of your QAC participants based upon the hours that you confirm that they work AND
  • provide each of your QAC participants with their own unique identifier

so that your entire physio MSK clinic team can become enrolled to collect your clinic’s patient outcome data through our Physio First Data for Impact scheme, upon which our QAC scheme is based.

If you have any further questions, you can call or email us and we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have:

01604 684960

[email protected]