Employment and HR advice

Physio First member free employment and HR service 

Physio First are delighted to announce a strategic commercial relationship with Avensure Ltd who will provide a free employment and HR service to members, to further add value to your Physio First membership and our aim to provide  everything you need to become a thriving provider of demonstrable quality private physiotherapy.


Who are Avensure Ltd?

Avensure are a leading, award winning, outsourced HR, Employment Law company who protect and safeguard businesses and employers across the UK in ensuring their compliance with UK law.

They enable businesses to have a complete 360 solution through contractual implementation, advice, guidance, training, and preventative solutions that gives businesses and employers complete protection within Employment Law.


Why Avensure?

Well, not only do we know that Avensure are strategically aligned with Physio First’s vision for the future and our values in how we do business - as customers of theirs – we can also say with confidence and conviction that they are very good at what they do.


What will Avensure provide to Physio First and our members as a result of this relationship?

Avensure Ltd will provide Physio First with a principal contact to whom Physio First members can be referred to receive free HR and employment advice.

This free advice will consist of the opportunity to brainstorm any HR or employment issue that you may be facing, which is often all that is needed to help work out a plan on how to address the immediate issue.

We expect the real value of this service to be to allow you to speak to someone who is steeped in HR and employment law and who will always look to provide practical advice to include immediate no-cost / low-cost ideas where possible.

The strength of this relationship is that, although Avensure have a specialist employment and HR service to promote, they will not try to “sell” their paid solution as part of this free service. This is because the nature of the relationship between Avensure and Physio First as strategic partners is premised upon the expectation that your experience of their free advice will endorse their suitability, should you need their wider service.

As regards becoming a client of Avensure, you will see from the details below, that through being a member of Physio First you will be entitled to 15% discount if you are a Quality Assured Clinic and 7.5% discount if you are not. In addition, you will receive back the £350 commission fee that Physio First is entitled to as introducer, where your contract with Avensure is for the 36 or 60 month option. 

For more details around our partnership, please click here.


How do I access the Avensure Physio First member free employment and HR service?

You can access the Avensure Physio First member free employment and HR service by emailing details of your issue to our dedicated office team at [email protected]

The advantage of emailing details of the issue is that our office team can identify this member enquiry as an employment or HR issue and immediately forward them to our Avensure principal contact who will then be in a position to reply.

It also enables our office team to monitor responses in terms of content and speed to ensure to ensure expectations are met.


Examples of questions answered as part of the free employment and HR service

I have an employee with 6 months service, can they take me to a tribunal if I dismiss them?

Yes, they can… get in touch to make sure this doesn’t happen.

An employee has been off sick for quite some time what can I do?

You are obliged to get them back to work and if you have exhausted the full procedures, you are actually allowed to terminate their employment… Contact us for the full answer.

An employee has committed an act of gross misconduct can I instantly dismiss?

In most circumstances no you must follow the legal process… call us for more information straight away.

Can I deduct money from an employee’s wages for losses I’ve suffered because of their actions?

The law prohibits deductions from wages unless you have written consent… contact us first before taking action.

Can I link different misconduct issues into one disciplinary?

It depends on what your contract says… call us for a contract review.
For more information or to sign up for Avensure’s HR Consultancy

For more information contact our dedicated Physio First Avensure team on 07394567344 quoting  'PhysioFirst' 

You can also contact the Physio First office on 01604 684960 or email us to be put in touch with our Avensure contact to see how they can fulfil all your HR needs.