What is a Quality Assured Practitioner?

A Physio First QAP is a Physio First member who has input data using the online DfI system, who collects PROM data from their patients and whose DfI data reaches the QAP criteria as defined by Physio First in collaboration with the University of Brighton. QAP is valid for one year, and renewable annually with sufficient data collection.

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What is a Quality Assured Clinic?

A Quality Assured Clinic is a private physiotherapy practice whose musculoskeletal (MSK) team are all Physio First members or participants and are inputting sufficient patient data using the Data for Impact (DfI) tool and using the validated PROMs to measure patient outcomes. Each team member is measured by the UoB in proportion to the hours they are working but all need to meet the same criteria as for QAP.


What is a Quality Assured Clinic Participant?

It is a scheme that the Physio First executive has developed for practice principals, who are members of Physio First, to enable their clinics to become Quality Assured Clinics.

Before it existed, to become a QAC, every physio MSK team member in a clinic had to be a member of Physio First or a part-time subscriber.


  • only one practice principal needs to be a full member
  • that practice principal is allowed to join every other MSK physio practitioner in their clinic as a QAC Participant
  • each QAC Participant  can collect data through our DfI scheme that will be analysed by our University of Brighton team

making the process simpler and less expensive, to become a Quality Assured Clinic. 

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