EDB Reflective Tool

Physio First and LGBTQIA+ networks, with funding from the CSP for professional network projects, instigated a project to consider how we align with, and maintain the CSP Equality, Diversity and Belonging (EDB) strategy. The result of our dicussions is this reflective toolkit that aims to prompt, guide and support all PNs to investigate their own understanding of the responsibilities of the CSP EDB strategy.

The survey takes approximately 7 minutes to complete. This link enabls you to access the toolkit which you can then replicate and edit to produce your own version of the survey and  collate your own responses: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ShareFormPage.aspx?id=EgvIcrxMNEOJYzvXpxOJKBGGc-1YpxVEgqymbpm_9J5URjFNQldZUk5HVTM3V1VHQjVaRkpKQUwwOC4u&sharetoken=nbFtUgevD6urNYmTOYxG

The survey link can be shared and passed on for completion, and results of the respondents can tracked and viewed via this same link. The Toolkit will enable you to view the results on screen with a breakdown of charts and information for you to analyse. This includes the average time taken to compete the survey. It also gives you the option to extract and download all results into a Microsoft excel document should you prefer this option.