Members of Physio First gain access to one of the most valuable business tools in private physiotherapy practice today. Get business advice, HR / employment guidance and professional support from our range of trusted partners Painless Practice, Avensure, Verilo and Thrive. 

Looking for some physiotherapy specific business advice?

Find out more about these services below. Our wealth of membership benefits keeps you ahead in the fast-moving healthcare marketplace.


Painless Practice provides business and marketing coaching for those working in the field of complementary health practices. Painless Practice teaches you to focus on managing your private practice most effectively. This will help you to attract patients, improve communication, increase treatments from referrals, increase patient visits and empower and motivate your associates.

Our partnership with Avensure Ltd provide a free employment and HR service to members. This free advice will consist of the opportunity to brainstorm any HR or employment issue that you may be facing, which is often all that is needed to help work out a plan on how to address the immediate issue.

Verilo specialise in helping private practice owners prepare, value, and successfully sell their businesses. Their founder, Joshua, is a seasoned physiotherapist and entrepreneur, having built one of the UK's largest private physiotherapy groups through strategic acquisitions. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise, his team is dedicated to guiding you through the complex process of selling your business, while ensuring the best outcome for you.

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Thrive exists because we believe that every business owner should have the guidance, support and coaching they need to make the biggest impact on the health & wellness of the nation. We do it because we believe that our clients are the best at what they do – transforming lives – but often have not had the education, the know-how, or the marketing understanding to get themselves out there and realise their true potential.

Our Physio First private LinkedIn community is an ideal place to share ideas, respond to queries and exchange advice. If you need answers to a business challenge or support about a patient problem there’s probably someone in our LinkedIn forum who has already faced the same issue – and found a solution. So don’t be afraid to ask!

As this is a closed forum available exclusively to Physio First members, all applications will be checked against our membership database before being accepted.

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