Working with Private Medical Insurers

We have created a interactive e-resource designed to help address some fundamental questions about working with private medical insurers (PMIs), and explains why Physio First or the CSP cannot intervene on members’ behalf.  

The information is drawn from the thoughts and feedback from Chartered physios with varying lengths of experience of working with PMIs. Its aim is to specifically frame the challenges and opportunities that are inherent in working with PMIs for those new to or thinking about starting in private practice.  

This guide to PMIs is borne out of the circular conversation that has been going on for years and that has consumed generations of self-employed physios in endless speculation on how to improve the PMI terms and conditions, specifically on rates of pay, on the number of allocated treatments and how terms might be improved through negotiation.  

Please click on the image below for a full copy. 

PMI ebooklet 24 06 21.png