27 Jul 2023

Reassurance on an email scam

A member contacted us in relation to concerns regarding an email scam. Our Physio First office team investigated the issue on her behalf.

Problem: A member contacted us in relation to an email about trademarking that she had found in her junk inbox, the tone of the email led her to search for advice on whether it was something she should act on, or ignore as a scam

Response: Our Physio First team investigated the email on her behalf, including looking the linked website. The fact that our Strategic and Business Lead, Paul Donnelly has experience of trademarking enabled us to conclude that, despite the email looking genuine, the lack of a legally required registered company address or company number indicated that the service being offered was 'too good to be true' and very likely to be a scam.

Outcome: The member felt reassured and confident to ignore the email.

Feedback: “I contacted Physio First with a legal query which was passed to Paul Donnelly. He responded incredibly quickly with really useful information, which put my mind at rest immediately. This is a super service to be offered as part of our Physio First Membership - thank you”.

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