06 Sep 2023

Reassurance for an unusual clinic query

Sometimes, when something unusual crops up in your clinic, whether patient- or colleague-related, all it needs to give you confidence in your own clinical reasoning is reassurance from someone who you know will deliver reliable advice. Physio First is always on hand to offer that connection in a safe, trusted space

Query – we were asked by a member about a self-employed colleague who had been undergoing brain scans and had been advised that changes had been discovered. The colleague was currently experiencing no adverse effects of these changes, and wanted to make sure that this remained the case.

Physio First response – we were concerned about our member's colleague, and also understood the need for reassurance on how to deal with the situation as it was now, and how it might develop. We advised (and do to all members) reading the CSP guidance on duty of care as a way of demystify what this means in practice https://www.csp.org.uk/publications/duty-care.

We also suggested research of some peer reviews, including those from the HCPC https://www.hcpc-uk.org/resources/reports/2019/effective-clinical-and-peer-supervision-report/, and that consideration might be given to discussing the situation with the CSP professional advisory service https://www.csp.org.uk/professional-clinical/professional-guidance/professional-advice-team.

Our aim was to help our member access the peer review process and expert support in a way that was as functional and productive as possible, rather than unnecessarily administrative and off-putting.

Outcome – the member was reassured that their initial thoughts on the issue were on the right track and, having been directed to the relevant resources, had gained confidence in how to approach the current situation and the future.   

I received prompt, very sound, clear and logical advice, and was directed towards relevant supporting papers and documents on the CSP and HCPC websites. I now feel confident that I am handling this is the correct way at this stage, and also reassured that I know I can contact Physio First again if needed in the future.

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