16 Feb 2024

Supporting a falsely accused member

Problem – A member contacted us about an allegation of sexual misconduct that had come completely out of the blue, and in circumstances where what they were accused of could not reasonably have occurred. An additional complication was that complaint had been sent via a case management referral company, and left our member in danger of the complaint being escalated to the HCPC and/or the police.

Response – Our Strategic & Business lead, Paul Donnelly immediately recognised that the matter needed to be handled very carefully and offered to review our member's draft response, to which he made some amendments and responded to some speficic questions. He also advised contacing the CSP solicitor service to arrange for them to formally review and sign-off the response, before it was returned to the complainant, and in case the matter escalated. 

Outcome – Following the response to the claimant, the case was closed, and patient referrals from the case management company continued.

Physio First were very quick to offer support with this matter. They quickly put me in contact with Paul Donnelly who not only provided excellent advice but also supported me above and beyond what I expected as part of his role. He offered reassurance at a very stressful time and helped me formulate an appropriate response to this devastating complaint. I feel his input significantly contributed to the matter being resolved.

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