16 Feb 2024

A complicated debt collection

Problem – a member had been treating an elderly patient, on the understanding that the patient's son had agreed to pay for the treatment. After many months of excuses for non-payment, the member was faced with a substantial amount outstanding, but was reluctant to sue the elderly and infirm patient. 

Response – our Strategic & Business lead, Paul Donnelly confirmed that the contract for treatment was with the patient, but that it was worth making it clear to the son, in a firm and professional way, that if the payment for the treatment delivered was not forthcoming, our member would be no choice but to sue the father through the Small Claims Court. 

Outcome – with Physio First's help, our member produced a letter that achieved a response from the son, and a negotiated settlement of the outstanding bill with a percentage immediately forthcoming, and the balance pain in installments over the coming months.

I am very grateful for the help I received from Physio First regarding the issue I encountered. Paul Donnelly was very approachable and experienced with similar cases. He listened to the problem carefully and asked for some further details to fully understand the case. He then offered me step-by-step advice that I followed carefully. Soon, I received an apologetic response from the debtor who wished to negotiate a settlement of his account. I was delighted to have this problem finally resolved as I was owed a large amount for almost a year.

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