Cygnets Placements & Training

Enhance your practice with Cygnets Placements & Training!

Bring invaluable support to your clinic, as well as an additional revenue source by hosting physiotherapy students through the Cygnets program. We provide comprehensive guidance and resources to ensure a rewarding experience for both you and your students. Elevate your mentorship role and enrich the future of physiotherapy.

Boost your clinic's success with Cygnets Placements & Training

Hosting physiotherapy students through our program offers numerous benefits for your business. Not only do you contribute to the future of the profession, but you also infuse fresh perspectives and energy into your practice. By mentoring students, you can streamline workflows, increase productivity, and even attract new clients impressed by your commitment to education. Elevate your clinic's reputation while shaping the next generation of physiotherapists. Partner with us today and reap the rewards!

Cygnets Placements & Training, specialises in providing placements and training opportunities for physiotherapy students. With a focus on supporting both students and clinics, Cygnets offers hands-on experience, mentorship, and resources to enhance learning and professional development. Founded by Carys, the programme aims to bridge the gap between education and practice, ensuring a smooth transition for students into the field of physiotherapy. Through partnerships with clinics, Cygnets facilitates valuable learning experiences while contributing to the growth of the physiotherapy profession.

Meet Carys, Founder of Cygnets Placements & Training 

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As the owner of Cygnets Placements & Training, Carys brings a wealth of firsthand experience in supporting clinics to take on students. Having personally mentored students at Swan Physio through our program, she intimately understands the dynamics involved in hosting students and the value they bring to a clinic. Carys has encountered the challenges and triumphs of mentorship, allowing her to offer tailored guidance and support to other clinics. With her expertise, she empowers clinics to create nurturing environments for student learning, fostering growth for both students and clinics alike.

The Cygnets team provides valuable assistance to clinics by managing administrative tasks associated with student placements. This includes coordinating placement schedules, handling paperwork such as agreements and assessments, and facilitating communication between clinics and students. By leveraging the expertise of the Cygnets team, clinics can streamline their administrative processes, freeing up time for staff to focus on patient care and other essential responsibilities. Additionally, the Cygnets team offers ongoing support and guidance to clinics, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the placement process.

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