Benefits of becoming a QAP
  • Logo of QAP to use on your website, social media platforms, email signature to promote the quality standard of your practice
  • You are listed as a Quality Assured Practitioner on the Find a Physio section of the Physio First website
  • A certificate to display in your clinic and use for marketing your quality standard to your patients
  • Evidence to your patients that you are serious about being a quality service and allow your data to be measured
  • Show you are collecting data to meet your HCPC standards of proficiency no 12. 'Be able to assure the quality of their practice'
  • An Individualised Report of your analysed data from the UoB when you have input a minimum of 50 discharged data sets at each download
  • The Individualised Report enables you to benchmark your clinic against the national data set
  • If you are a single handed practitioner who has been awarded QAP you are able to apply to the UoB for conversion of QAP to Quality Assured Clinic (QAC) status
Benefits of becoming a QAC
  • You will be sent a QAC logo to use on your practice website, social media and email signature
  • You will receive a QAC certificate to display in your clinic to show your patients you have achieved this quality standard
  • If you are registered with BUPA, they recognise you are a quality assured clinic. All QAC clinics are exempt from providing routine audit information, in addition to their PROMS
  • You have the assurance of your whole clinic meeting quality standards
  • You can measure your clinic against data from the national data set
  • You will receive a report of the clinic statistics and how your clinic met the quality criteria. Use this information to measure and improve your patient outcomes for the whole clinic
  • Being part of the quality schemes makes it easier to manage in terms of time and energy to meet these requirements
  • Show you are collecting data to meet your HCPC standards of proficiency no 12. 'Be able to assure the quality of their practice'
  • Being a QAC will entitle you to a 15% discount with Avensure who provide HR and employment advice
  • Receive a 20% discount with Painless Practice for all events led and run by Celia Champion on business coaching 
  • As well as receiving a £150 administration fee for Medbelle per episode of post-op care following the completion of patient outcome data and meeting agreed patient outcome goals

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