Quality in private physiotherapy: what is the evidence?

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The Data for Impact project gives us access to a wealth of information about private physiotherapy practice. We have created a number of evidence-based infographics from the analysis of Data for Impact which we have shared with our members and the wider marketplace.

Private physiotherapy treatment for muscular dysfunction can be just as effective, regardless of age.


All ages seeking treatment for low back pain experienced an improvement in condition.


95% of patients seeking private physiotherapy treatment are seen within one week.



Treatment outcome is dependent on how quickly patients seek private physiotherapy, the sooner the better!



Being seen for treatment by a private physiotherapist within 6 weeks of pain or injury results in a better outcome.



90% of patients attending for private physiotherapy receive a minimum of 3 different treatment modalities.




Over 80% of patients receiving private physiotherapy successfully achieve or exceed their agreed goals.