Pay-as-you-go membership explained

What is PAYG?

Pay-as-you-go membership offers the option for physios to spread the cost of being part of our Physio First through a monthly payments, rather than having to pay a lump sum at the start ofour membership year. It also means that you can join us at any time and receive all our member benefits on a rolling month-by-month basis.

Do I have to sign a contract?

When you sign up to joining Physio First as a pay-as-you-go member you are agreeing to set up a Direct Debit or a Standing Order through your own bank for all future monthly payments while you still wish to be a member.

However, there are no contract clauses should you decide that you no longer wish be be part of our Physio First community, and you can cancel your membership at any time.


I am an annual member, how can I switch to PAYG?

Most members wait to swap from annual to PAYG subscription during our annual membership renewal period, at which time you will be provided with the option to switch to PAYG. If you are mid-term on your membership, and want us to advise us of your intention to move to PAYG from 1st April next year, please call us on 01604 684960 and we will note your request to ensure we check with you that it is still the option when we renew your membership.

What is the difference between PAYG and annual membership?

Those who choose to pay for a full year of membership will make the one-off payment and receive access to member benefits including unrestricted access to the member resources online for the remainder of the membership year. This gives you the peace of mind that your membership is paid for and you need do nothing further for another year.

Those who choose our PAYG option pay for their membership benefits by Direct Debit or standing order on a month by month basis. If, for any reason payment for a month is not received, then membership is suspended.

The cost of PAYG is slightly higher than annual membership over a 12 month period.

What if I am late paying?

If you pay for your membership monthly, you will receive a grace period of seven working days in any one month before membership benefits are suspended for non payment.

As PAYG members are required to pay by Direct Debit or standing order, this aims to ensure continuity for anyone who changes bank account or has an issue with their provider.

If you need further help or information, our membership team can be contacted on 01604 684960.

Can I be part of the Quality Assurance scheme if I am on PAYG membership?

As PAYG members receive the same benefits as annual members our Physio First Quality Assurance scheme is fully available to you. However, in order to progress towards your QAP / QAC award, you will need to be a member throughout the duration of the data collection process required to acheive it.