What is our central education programme’s purpose, aim and direction?

Our Physio First education sub committee historically has strived to empower members by providing courses and learning on both clinical and business topics to enhance their skills within the context of the current evidence base. However, changes to our marketplace have seen an increasing number of course providers emerge, in addition to new ways of gaining CPD such as online learning and forums.

[Reviewed - June 2018]

Why is there no Physio First central education programme?

Physio First is currently on a very specific journey to make huge changes that involve our vision, our culture, our strategy and consequently, the way we provide education courses to our members. We are doing this so that we can become the “go-to organisation” for championing private physiotherapy in what we think is an ambitious, brave, and (in the healthcare marketplace) disruptive way.

Currently, an evaluation of other courses on offer in our marketplace, combined with a background of falling delegate uptake on our own courses has meant that we have had to examine and channel our finite office and financial resources available to us in order to achieve our intent.

We have, therefore made the decision to postpone our clinical education programme to focus on providing resources that will help our members in promoting their Quality Assured Practitioner and Quality Assured Clinic status. We are currently exploring this with the aim of making some impactful changes to our 2020 education resources, which will also be determined by marketplace changes, and be developed in collaboration with our external stakeholders.

Our re-evaluation of the status of our education programme will be regularly reviewed by our executive committee and education sub-committee, all of whom are volunteer members working in the best interests of our members and we will ensure that our Physio First membership is informed of any decisions made.

Please watch your emails and our website for further information.

[Reviewed - Dec 2019]