Strategic Partner Details

As a strategic partner of Physio First you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Become a platinum, gold or silver sponsor and enjoy a relaxed informal evening with our whole team. Gain insight into the development of our now national Skills Exchange event; participate in our first ever strategic partner meeting and network with our current and future leadership team.

Format of the day:

  • Morning: Introductions and the beginning of an actual Skills Exchange session.

    • Here is a 3 min promotional video of an event held in 2023 that illustrates what it is all about 
    • Witness the introduction and commencement of a Skills Exchange session, spending the initial 15 minutes observing the dynamics of the event as our Skills Exchange events are an important and unique feature to the future of Physio First that we might be able to collaborate around in the future
    • While the Skills Exchange unfolds, join Belinda (our volunteer Hon Commercial Officer), Paul (our Strategic & Business Lead) and Nazmin (our Commercial and Communications Coordinator) for a Physio First and Strategic Partner meeting in an adjacent room. – see below
    • AfternoonFacilitated Discussions
      • The agenda for this is being finalised but, like last year, it will comprise a series of facilitated discussions on volunteering for Physio First, the value of membership and information about opportunities through our strategic commercial partners. 
    • Anything from an evening to a day
      • In terms of logistics, this is entirely something that you could do in an evening, a half-a-day, or a day but to gain the most value, come for an evening and spend the day with us.
    • Evening Before:
      • All sponsors are welcome to attend the evening before at an organisational rate at the Hilton are £90 for Bed and Breakfast inc of Vat. Our executive team invites you to dine with our whole team (complementary)
    • Strategic Partner Meeting
      • Proposed by Celia Champion (Painless Practice) and Katie Bell (Thrive) to address the lack of opportunities for strategic commercial partners to meet physically, face-to-face as per Physio First’s annual conference.
      • If you can join us the night before or on the day itself, there will be ample opportunities to meet with our strategic commercial partner colleagues but taking inspiration from Celia and Katie’s idea, our exec team believes that organising a facilitated meeting with all of our partners who are willing to support us, might help each and every one of us contemplate what we are calling “the value proposition”. What additional value might each of us gain from even more collaborative creative endeavours  – whether it’s you with Physio First,  with other commercial strategic partners alongside Physio First,  or even in collaboration with other Physio First partners on different projects?
      • To that end, we will devote 90-minutes to a facilitated discussion to creatively explore these options in an open and trusting manner that is reflective of Physio First’s culture that you all agree you are aligned with.

Agenda for our first ever strategic partner meeting

So, our flexible agenda is around “Physio First and Membership Organisations – opportunities and challenges in 2024

1. Introductions – if you are there for the evening none will be required, but if they are we will make them.

2. What does “value” look like – for Physio First members, or any members in the current landscape considering:

a) Addressing the need of younger generations
b) Exploring creative steps we can collectively take to meet these needs
c) Exploring the potential for deeper collaboration between Physio First and multiple partners e.g. tri-partite or even multi-partite relations

3. Reflecting on value – what:

a) Does Physio First excel at that we can further build on? 
b) Can Physio First improve to better meet the needs of our members?

in terms of our strategic commercial partner relationships i.e. creative ideas we can all take away and reflect upon?

4. Can Physio First act as your introducer or endorser – facilitating engagement with other membership organisations?

5. What ideas can we bring to the volunteer team – for their information, consideration, and feedback in the afternoon?

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Our Exec Team has endeavoured to make our sponsorship options as reasonable as possible i.e. designed to help us meet the costs of this event. We have divided sponsorship into 3-categories i.e. platinum, gold, and silver. We will print banners for each i.e.

  • Platinum Full Day Sponsor and Physio First - £1,000 plus VAT
  • Full day sponsorship includes:
    1. x2 exclusive platinum sponsor roller banners displayed in the evening and around the event
    2. Special thanks by our Chair
    3. A dedicated table in the atrium area for the partner to network with volunteers
    4. Inclusion in email marketing and social media coverage
    5. Included in our list of sponsors roller banners
  • Gold (Dinner) and Gold (Drinks) Sponsors and Physio First - £750 plus VAT
  • Dinner & Drinks sponsorship includes:
    1. x2 exclusive gold sponsor roller banners displayed during the drink’s reception and dinner
    2. Special thanks by our Chair
    3. Inclusion in email marketing and social media coverage
    4. Included in our list of sponsors roller banners
  • Silver Sponsors and Physio First - £100 plus VAT
  • Silver sponsorship includes:
    1. Special thanks by our Chair
    2. Inclusion in email marketing and social media coverage
    3. Included in our list of sponsors roller banners

Photography and Recognition:

We will allocate time for photographs, for use by sponsors and inclusion in Physio First’s weekly bulletin and social media plans throughout the year, to thank you for your support.

Additionally, we extend an invitation to all sponsors to send a representative to attend our informal dinner the evening before, participate in the introduction to our Skills Exchange on Friday morning, join the first ever Strategic Partner Meeting and engage in our volunteer team’s facilitated discussions during the afternoon.

For your diary:

  • Date: April 19, 2024
  • Venue: Hilton, Northampton
  • Schedule: Informal dinner the night before, followed by a full-day event starting at 09:00 am.

If you have any questions or would like further details, please contact Nazmin or feel free to reach out to any of our team. We look forward to seeing you there!