20 Nov 2023

Supplying to our online eStore

As Physio First we have spent several years working with our partners to deliver a member benefit that we call “Our Members’ eStore”.

In short, we have helped to pilot and perfect the first e-commerce platform of its type in the UK that enables:

1. our members to operate their own branded, user friendly and versatile eStore through which they can:

a) send their patient a link to a recommended product on any direct message platform, at Amazon comparable prices, that is fulfilled by our vendor partners and receive a fair share of the profit with all Vat elements accounted for AND
b) purchase clinic equipment and/or consumables at wholesale prices.

2. our vendor partners to put their products directly before 2,000 private physiotherapists (plus additional thousands of their non-member staff and colleagues) and receive guaranteed payment within 14-days.

Please see this 2-minute video that describes this member benefit to our members

We have launched this brand-new UK first member benefit with current vendor partners but, to fulfill its full potential, we are keen to develop more vendor partner relationships. The complete technical details are described in our “Vendor Onboarding Checklist and Requirements” link below, but in summary, we expect to be able to work with vendor partners who:

  1. sell products that our members and/or their clients are likely to need e.g. products our members recommend to their patients to buy or products that they need in their clinic AND
  2. are culturally (values) aligned with Physio First – please see our culture for details AND
  3. are wholesalers rather than retailers

If you feel that you would like to explore this opportunity with us, then please do read the details in our Vendor Onboarding Checklist and Requirements below. We can be contacted here

Vendor Q&A

We have collated some questions and answers which you may find helpful as a Vendor

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Please click below for our vendor onboarding checklist and requirements

Vendor checklist