Where are you taking your business in 2024?

Where are you taking your business in 2024?

We look forward to joining you at the Physio First community coming up on the 9th of January. In this collaborative forum, practitioners can openly share their experiences, insights, and plans for the direction of their practices in 2024 and get support from each other as well as from business consultant, Celia, and life coach for therapists and fellow clinic owner, Jo.

Whether it be bringing on new team members, adopting new technologies, refining patient care, planning to sell or wanting to create a new balance for you and making decisions work for you not just for your business, this meeting provides a safe space to discuss challenges and come up with new ideas to be proactive in 2024

Date:  Tuesday 9th January 2024 

Time:  12:00pm - 13:00pm

Please be aware meetings are being limited to allow everyone to participate in the meetings. The aim of these meetings is for members to share their knowledge and thoughts in a friendly supportive environment.

If this meeting becomes full you will be added to the waiting list and we will be in contact as we arrange further meetings.