PPEF Update July 2016

PPEF, The Private Physiotherapy Educational Foundation is the Educational Foundation of Physio First. The Foundation supports the Physio First conference each year by sponsoring international lecturers to travel to the UK and present their work to independent practitioners who may otherwise not have access to their teaching.

These are exciting times for the PPEF as, for the first time since its inception the PPEF trustees are reviewing the foundation’s functionality, structure, governance and management.

Having spent several days with business coaches and planning strategists, the PPEF trustees were presented with a positioning report the analysis of which has led us to look at rebranding our image and producing our own website (watch this space), as well as proactively marketing our services to our prospective applicants. There will be busy times ahead as we also review the foundation’s memorandums and articles.

In addition to all this, as one of our trustees stood down in April of this year, we are in the process of appointing a new trustee to the board.

Any PPEF members who have attended recent AGMs will know about the lively debates that have taken place in them, which is evidence of how passionately members of PPEF feel about the foundation and what it stands for. In light of this, we are pleased to confirm that the PPEF trustees have voted to adopt Physio First’s cultural document and we look forward to maintaining close ties with Physio First, and in particular their educational arm of their organisation.

Throughout all of this review and rebranding process however, the PPEF’s objective will remain the same: to fund education and research into physiotherapy practice and thereby improve patient care.

Priority will continue to be given to individual, HCPC registered physiotherapists who do not have the backing of large organisational funding, and whose projects will have the greatest impact for the benefit of the general public.

The projects we have supported this year include;

  • 6 individual scholarship awards
  • 3 large research projects into:
  • the development of a screening tool for elite ballet dancers
  • the development of outcome measures of physiotherapy intervention to improve pelvic muscle function
  • the effect of initial transition phase duration on dynamic stability during sit to walk and planned stopping.


In addition, and in  conjunction with Physio First we have:

  • made a financial contribution towards the Physio First annual conference by funding the international speakers
  • continued to support the joint Physio First and University of Brighton Data for Impact project
  • made a financial contribution to the new Physio First website
  • made a financial contribution to the publication of the 2016 post conference edition of In Touch

PPEF will continue to be a charitable trust dedicated to making a difference in physiotherapy.

For more information go to resources.

Let’s make a difference.