Welcome to conference 2019 - we look forward to returning to the EMCC on 5th-6th April to bring to life a conference title that has been a hot topic for some time now within the wider world of healthcare in the UK.

What do we mean by hands on and hands off? Following a large debate on our private LinkedIn forum, a number of our members became involved in a discussion about this and whether taping, acupuncture and electrotherapy are manual therapies. Providing advice or suggesting exercises to improve the patient's diagnosis, it was suggested would be labelled as 'hands off' which our members are aware is being largely taught to new physiotherapists and undergraduates. If you're on our LinkedIn forum you can find the debate which was the inspiration behind our 2019 conference online here. We have therefore invited a line-up of speakers that will debate both sides of this argument to inform delegates that continue to work in private practice.

We will be making some big changes to our future conferences including the move to a Friday-Saturday event to ensure your Sunday is there to enjoy with your friends and family. If you can't make the Friday, why not come along for the Saturday and still catch our great programme of speakers and a hall full of exhibitors specially selected to suit those in private practice.

This year, we are introducing CPD courses to run alongside the plenary lecture sessions if you would prefer to spend a day on a concentrated CPD course.

CPD courses at conference

Friday 5th April

Saturday 6th April


 Please note you will only be able to attend either the course or the lectures so why not book attend one day of each?

Our speakers will be joining us from across the UK, Australia and USA to bring evidence and application that can be applied first thing on Monday morning. International speakers, Mary O'Keeffe and Antonio Stecco join us from across the globe to speak on topics, musculoskeletal pain and fascia respectively.

Closer to home, we look forward to hearing from Deborah Falla (University of Birmingham), Joanne Elphinston (JEMS movement), Mick Thacker (London South Bank University), Roger Kerry (The University of Nottingham), Tim Watson ( University of Hertfordshire) and Paul Donnelly (General Secretary for Physio First).

In each of their specialist areas, our 2019 speakers will be supporting the profession of physiotherapy with their evidence and debate for hands on and hands off. So, what is the future for physiotherapy? Come along to the EMCC in April to find out!

Never attended a Physio First conference before?

For 2019 only we are introducing a first timer discount - all you need to do is call our office (01604 684 965) to book a place or email us. Attend for one day for just £124 or both days for £210! This discount is available for both members and non-members - enquire now!