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Managing People and Your Business - provided by Painless Practice

If you have a team in your clinic, part of your role is recruiting and retaining staff and associates, and being the leader and manager – which sometimes feels quite daunting. You also have to balance this with the demands of managing your business. This course is designed to help you manage both the people and the business effectively, so your practice is set up for success.

During this all day course, we’ll be focusing on:

  • Creating a motivated and engaged team.
  • Feeling confident as a leader and manager
  • Setting and managing expectations effectively
  • Feeling confident about giving and receiving feedback
  • Having tools at hand to get the best out of your team

We’ll start by mapping out all the roles in your practice. We’ll look at key performance areas and the indicators of success. You’ll learn how to have effective 1-2-1s with your staff, and how to manage poor performance. The emphasis will be on how to get the best out of everyone in your team. 

You’ll also learn key steps to help you successfully manage your business alongside the people in your team, so you can create the right balance.

Our aim is for you to enjoy working in a successful practice, whilst achieving your business vision. You’ll leave with a plan for managing your team and business, including new ideas and practical tools to help you create a well balanced and successful practice.

This course is provided as part of our commercial strategic relationship with Physio First - working together to create a network of well-managed profitable clinics across the UK.  All the courses are open to any practitioner, not just physios and not just members of Physio First.  In fact, others are very, very welcome!

How to book

In order to book onto this course, please click here to be directed to Painless Practice's website or email Phone: 07717 843 540


Physio First members: £175

Non-members: £200


Previous participants had this to say:

“I’ve run my own practice for 14 years and attending this workshop has been inspirational. We all need little nuggets of information to fill a knowledge gap, remind us of principles we’d forgotten, but also to discuss issues with fellow practitioners. The information was presented in a concise, palatable manner that kept my attention all day – a win in itself! If you manage people then this is one day you can’t afford to miss.”

“This course gave me some structure to use when resolving conflict or underperformance issues. I found the suggested format for 1-2-1 reviews very helpful – especially for associates. I feel these helpful tips will help me manage my staff better.”

“Understanding the process of managing a business well is something that we can learn and not just hope to pick up as we go along. Painless Practice has informed and given me some structure to my planning, the tools to do it with and clarity on how to plan for the future. A must for any private practitioner!”

Event Timetable

Time Topic
10:00 - 13:00 Course commences
13:00 - 13:30 Refreshment break
16:30 - 16:35 Course closes

Venue Information

Novotel Leeds Centre

LEEDS, 4 Whitehall Quay, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4HR