As highlighted in our July edition of The Core now that the recruitment process is complete, we can now announce that we have the “Doers” and “Advisors” (five of each) of The Physio Co-op Founder team.

The recruits come from a variety of sectors, have diverse backgrounds and reasons why they have volunteered. They all underwent an “interview process” that was punishing in terms of their time and energy, but the 100+ pages of notes that emerged have, themselves, formed a valuable asset that the team can draw from in the task ahead.

To find out who the members of the team are, click here and for an insight into some early thinking, click here for a 15-page “limbering-up brain dump”, sent by Strategic and Business Lead Paul Donnelly to the team.

Their first meeting is on the 3rd October and of course, we wish them well in this exciting new endeavour.

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