Physio First is run on commercial principles and our vision is clear. Physio First is for championing evidence-based, cost-effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace.

This is our intent, originally agreed by our executive committee in 2018 and revised in 2020. We have developed a three-year business plan of five goals through which we are achieving this.

We know from feedback that our members want to "make a difference in the marketplace" and "exert some influence in that marketplace" and these are the key principles underlying our plans.

We also need to be organised, functional, have a clear purpose and harness our passion!

Our three year goals, signed off by our executive committee in 2021, are summarised here:

Goal 1 

To commercialise (i.e. make important to our members' clients) our quality assurance schemes.

Goal 2

To deliver our member value proposition.

Goal 3

To formulate a strategic commercial relationship with The Physio Co-op as it develops from a start-up business.

Goal 4 

Consider whether, and if so how, we might move forward with an annual conference in 2022 and beyond.

Goal 5

To continue to research and if cogent establish a viable business case to:

  • Facilitate Physio First Quality Assured Clinics to provide third year undergraduate physiotherapy students interested in private practice to gain clinical experience with them.
  • Persuade such students to become Student Members of Physio First and thereafter be listed as contacts for Physio First members to consult about work opportunities and their needs into the future