We specialise in providing the latest microcurrent technology that is clinically proven to work. Our products offer solutions for pain management and mental health problems, including depression, insomnia and anxiety. We pride ourselves on providing education and support to healthcare professionals specifically around our Microcurrent technology, the Alpha-Stim devices and Painmaster. Our products are drug free, non-invasive methods of controlling and treating pain.

We work alongside Physio First offering tailored accredited courses on how to use the devices effectively, to improve patient outcomes and help you achieve status as a Quality Assured Practitioner (QAP).  Members will be able to avail of an exclusive discounted rate for the purchase of the Painmaster and Alpha-Stim devices as well as for the training courses. Please email us at info@themicrocurrentsite.co.uk for your discount codes.

Our technology is used and supported by the NHS, private practices, physiotherapists, top sports athletes including professional football clubs, professional sports clubs, and celebrities to name but a few.

To view testimonials, research and information about any of our products, please visit our websites www.themicrocurrentsite.co.uk and www.painmaster.co.uk

To reserve a place on future course or for more details on special offers please call us on 01487 208041 or email: info@themicrocurrentsite.co.uk or dawnsportstherapy@outlook.com.   We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our Physio First courses.

Microcurrent Pain Management Course

Our Tutor, Dawn Rothwell, is a highly experienced and qualified instructor, who runs her own clinic in Manchester.

“Microcurrent treatment works really well and helps most people. The pain goes in minutes and it’s great because it provides a drug-free form of pain relief”.

Microcurrent course content

  • Introduction
  • What is Microcurrent?
  • Microcurrent Vs TENS
  • The Alpha-Stim AID and M: What are they?
  • How does Cranial Electrical Therapy work?
  • Pain relief and soft tissue repair
  • Contraindications
  • When should I use Microcurrent?
  • How to use Microcurrent
  • Basic Protocols
  • Changing protocols for certain conditions
  • Practical demonstration
  • Practical session x3
  • Closing course, Q&A

Learning objectives

Gain a full understanding of how microcurrent therapy can help you achieve status as a Quality Assured Practitioner (QAP)

CPD points available, half and full day course options in all areas of the UK


“Microcurrent based therapies appear to have the capacity to positively influence both tissue repair and pain management, making it a potentially useful tool for use by therapists and patients”. Dr Tim Watson

“I came open minded and learnt a lot”

“I found the course very informative and well presented”

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