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Memorial Lectures



Previous PPEF Sponsored Lectures

Previous Kenneth Balfour Memorial Lectures

2004 Nottingham The Medical Model of Headache.... - Dean Watson GDAMT, MApp Sc (Res) MAPA

2005 Nottingham The Hip, The Forgotten Link for Back & Knee Problems - Jenny McConnell

2006 Nottingham Anatomy of Pain - Professor Nikolai Bogduk

2007 Nottingham Understanding Knee Pain: Implications for Rehabilitation - Dr Kay Crossley

2008 Nottingham Is It My Shoulder or Is It My Neck? Differentiation of Neck and Shoulder Pain - Dr Mary Magarey APA

2009 Nottingham Failed Load Transfer and the Role of the Pelvis - Diane Lee

2010 Nottingham Sensorimotor Control Disturbances and Cervicogenic Dizziness - Dr Julia Treleaven

2011 Nottingham Knowledge, Science and Clinical Practice and the Essential Role of the Thorax - Linda-Joy Lee

2012 Nottingham Ankle Sprains Neurologically Impaired for Life? Central Movement Control Implications for Rehabilitation following Lateral Ankle Injury - Assistant Professor Craig Allingham


Previous PPEF Funded Lectures

2001 Eastbourne  Physical Impairment in Persistent Whiplash Associated Disorders"  - Professor Gwendolen Jull Australia

2002 Hinckley  Motor control and the spine: Does Science fit Clinical Practice?  - Dr Paul Hodges BPhty(Hons) Australia

2003 Hinckley  Why do most people not need spinal surgery - Nicholas C Birch FRCS (orth) UK

2004 Nottingham  A Manual Therapy Approach to Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  - Pete Emerson USA

2005 Nottingham Case Studies in the Injured Runner - Irene S. Davis USA

2006 Nottingham Pain, Do you get it? and Getting the Message to Patients. - Lorimer Moseley - Australia

2007 Nottingham Clinical Reasoning and the Knee - Dr Rana Hinman PhD BPhysio (Hon)

2008 Nottingham Evidence-based Management of Lateral Epicondylalgia - Dr Joshua A. Cleland PT DPT PhD OCS FAAOMPT

2009 Nottingham Pathology vs Impairment and Narrative Reasoning in the Context of Low Back Pain - Dr Mark Jones

2010 Nottingham Recovery following Whiplash Injury and Unravelling the Complexities of Whiplash Associate - Prof. Michele Sterling

2011 Nottingham Pain, the Brain and Motor Control and Incontinence, Back Pain and Breathing - Professor Paul Hodges

2012 Selective Functional Movement Assessment: An Algorithmic Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment - Dr Michael Voight


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