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About PPEF

The Private Physiotherapy Educational Foundation is the Educational Foundation of Physio First.

Its key aim is to support the education of those working in independent practice who may have little or no workplace educational support.

The PPEF offers educational and research grants and awards to individuals who may apply using the appropriate application form that can be downloaded from this web-site.

The PPEF is also committed to supporting the continuing development of the Physio First Educational Programme that plans to take key educational programmes around the country to its members.

The Foundation also supports the Physio First Conference each year by sponsoring international lecturers to travel to the UK and present their work to independent practitioners who may otherwise not have access to their teaching.

The Foundation plans its funding commitments carefully and would welcome support in the form of donations however small to enable it to continue with its valuable work.

The Foundation would also welcome any physiotherapist who wishes to take an interest in the work of the Foundation, to become a member a membership application form can be completed and and should be returned to the registered address of the PPEF below.

The Trustees are very grateful for the continuing support of Physio First members and look forward to their continuing support for physiotherapy education.

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