Physio First: Education Day 2018

Friday 27 April by Michael Shacklock

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This clinical, neurodynamics course is based on Michael Shacklock's international best selling physical therapy text book, Clinical Neurodynamics (Elsevier, Oxford 2005).

The course will provide a mixture of practical, strong hands on and theory discussional sessions throughout the day.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how nerves move
  • Understand painless nerve root mobilisations
  • How to exclude neuordynamic disorders
  • How to differentiate between musculoskeletal and neurodynamic opponents
  • How to create, select and perform the best techniques for your patients
  • How to detect contraindications for neurodynamic treatment

Course objectives

Improve and develop:

  • Manual skills, specifically the ability to feel abnormalities in movement related to the nervous system in the lower quarter
  • Abilities in diagnosis and interpretation of neurodynamic testing and musculoskeletal relationships
  • Clinician’s repertoire of diagnosis and treatment of techniques
  • Safety in relation to neurodynamics



  • General neurodynamic principles applied to the entire body and specifically the lower quarter, including the hamstring injury and heel pain due to tibial and medial calcaneal nerve disorders
  • Classifications of structures and mechanisms for diagnosis and treatment
  • Neurodynamic sequencing - a mechanism that can be used to make neurodynamic technique more specific than in the past
  • How to differentiate nerve from other tissues with mechanical testing how to make diagnosis and treatment more specific than before.