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During this one-day course there will be attention for theoretical principles on factors that are related to hip and groin pain in athletes, appropriately categorizing them based on recent international consensus. Understanding of related (non-)modifiable factors will allow making individual choices for athletes visiting your clinic. Sport specific analysis is important and will be discussed en trained. Adjunct modalities that may speed up recovery will be discussed and trained. Published and unpublished data will be used to support different approaches. Further specialization in the field will raise your level of knowledge and skills leading to targeted treatment. This will enlarge your success and reputation.


Igor Tak

Igor's current PhD is on hip and groin pain in athletes, with a special focus on football. Igor has recently submitted a review on hip range of motion and groin pain: a case control series on sport specific hip range of motion (new developed test, practical physiotherapy attributes), some work on groin pain and femoroacetabular impingement (in the American Journal of Sports Medicine) and femoroacetabular impingement and loading in youth (in British Journal of Sports Medicine) and two papers on kicking biomechanics (in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness), all within the past year. 

Another of Igor's ongoing projects includes sports biomechanics, whereby he explains athletic performance and injury. He focuses his work on understanding physical movement in high speed actions and trying to further answer questions on how the body works to explain ongoing impairment in performance. The emphasis here is on football and soccer however it can be extrapolated towards other sports.

One of the very new things he has been involved in developing is an "on site" motion capture system based on integrated video and wireless (active 9 axis) sensors. This all functions on an iOS platform (similar to an "on site movement laboratory"). He has been developing this over the last three years and in 2016 his team's aim to have the first official version working. This system can be used for (tele) tracking of movement of his patients inside and outside of the clinic environment and hopes this will strengthen the relation between therapists, clientele and referring doctors in the next few years.

Igor hopes that further specialisation of physical therapy and integrating knowledge and skills from adjacent domains (like biomechanics and technology) will give physical therapy a unique proposition in the future.

Leaning outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Categorize patients according latest insight (EBM)
  • Understand different types of pathology and therapeutic consequences
  • Expand your diagnostic and therapeutic skills according latest evidence (and unpublished data)
  • Make individual choices for your patient (leaving the one size fits all path rationally explained)
  • How to apply motion capture on site with new techniques available to general health care

Course aims

You will be taught on current insight in hip and groin pain (diagnosis and management) enabling to discuss hip and groin related problems of athletes with other practitioners like sports med physicians, surgeons and radiologists and be updated on recent international agreements and research. You will gain additional insight in body biomechanics related to sport specific activities and how this might change your clinical approach. You will learn to apply new examination and treatment techniques (hands on and exercise) to broaden skills based on past evidence. Adequate inventory on the athlete’s problem and where possible speeding up the recovery process will strengthen your reputation. A new easily usable and affordable motion capture application will be demonstrated that will provide you with a unique proposition in the physio market.



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