Friday 31 March 2017 - this is your chance to have more time with your favourite lecturers!

Education Day is our flagship event of our Physio First education sub committee, which takes place on the Friday immediately preceding our annual conference at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham. The aim of the day is to further the education of members by underpinning clinical expertise and expanding learning outcomes, on a wide variety of subjects.

2017 UK and international education day speakers...

We are offering you three different courses with some of the best speakers from not just the UK, but international! These include:-


Dr Tania Pizzari

Tania Pizzari graduated from La Trobe University with honours in 1997, and with a PhD in 2002. Tania lectures and conducts research part-time in the La Trobe University Department of Physiotherapy. She regularly conducts lectures and practical sessions for the Australian Physiotherapy Association on shoulder, knee and hamstring injuries and is a member of the Shoulder and Elbow Physiotherapists of Australia. She is a regular speaker at National and international Sports Medicine conferences. Tania is able to provide particular expertise in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of shoulder conditions as well as the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions in children.

You can also find out more about Tania on her website


Igor Tak

Igor's current PhD is on hip and groin pain in athletes, with a special focus on football. Igor has recently submitted a review on hip range of motion and groin pain: a case control series on sport specific hip range of motion (new developed test, practical physiotherapy attributes), some work on groin pain and femoroacetabular impingement (in the American Journal of Sports Medicine) and femoroacetabular impingement and loading in youth (in British Journal of Sports Medicine) and two papers on kicking biomechanics (in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness), all within the past year. 

Another of Igor's ongoing projects includes sports biomechanics, whereby he explains athletic performance and injury. He focuses his work on understanding physical movement in high speed actions and trying to further answer questions on how the body works to explain ongoing impairment in performance. The emphasis here is on football and soccer however it can be extrapolated towards other sports.

One of the very new things he has been involved in developing is an "on site" motion capture system based on integrated video and wireless (active 9 axis) sensors. This all functions on an iOS platform (similar to an "on site movement laboratory"). He has been developing this over the last three years and in 2016 his team's aim to have the first official version working. This system can be used for (tele) tracking of movement of his patients inside and outside of the clinic environment and hopes this will strengthen the relation between therapists, clientele and referring doctors in the next few years.

Igor hopes that further specialisation of physical therapy and integrating knowledge and skills from adjacent domains (like biomechanics and technology) will give physical therapy a unique proposition in the future.

Director of Contracting and Business Development for TAI

Rich Katz

Rich is an Executive Partner with Therapeutic Associates (TAI) a company that dates back 64 years and owns and operates 85 therapy locations across the western United States.  Rich is the Director of Contracting and Business Development for TAI and serves as the Executive Director for Northwest Rehab Alliance (NWRA). NWRA is a network of 350 therapy locations serving Oregon, Washington, and Idaho in the United States. NWRA features over 1200 physical and occupational therapists that serve the health insurers in the NW region of the country, along with a variety of business support services that benefit both the health plans and the therapy practices that are part of his network. 

Rich brings close to 30 years of health plan negotiating, contracting, marketing and business development experience to our conference and will be offering his expertise during his education day course.  He hopes to contrast the delivery systems in the UK and the US in a way that may help PhysioFirst members envision their future as providers of rehabilitation services in our country.  He also hopes to share his history of creating a network of providers so our members can understand what was found to be successful and to know what failed. Finally, he will offer answers to questions about strategy and tactics he has used to create an effective therapy network for his members and a valuable relationship for the health insurers that have come to rely on TAI and NWRA.

You can find out more about Therapeutic Associates here and the NWRA here


Courses on offer for 2017....

Groundbreaking symposium: Goal 9

We are inviting our members to join a groundbreaking symposium!

The symposium will be exciting, fun, provocative and challenging. We will investigate and understand the feasibility of establishing the first private physiotherapists’ cooperative – a private physio owned and controlled business entity.

Held on Physio First’s education day, before the Conference, it is your chance to shape the future of our industry.

Why do we need you?

We need your opinions and your expertise to help us investigate the feasibility of a private physiotherapists’ cooperative. This is a successful business model in many industries where practitioners are both the shareholders of the organisation and suppliers to it.

It could give us more collective strength and a louder voice so we can have an impact on the healthcare marketplace. Cooperatives contribute £37bn each year to the British economy and there are 6,796 independent cooperative businesses across the UK, so we need to thoroughly investigate whether this is a step our members believe could be successful.

This will not be your average 1-day course or conference. We are working hard to make the format interactive and engaging.


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Ball and socket joints: an evidence and principle-based approach to management

This one day course is divided into two halves, with one half providing an overview of our recent hip research, combined with the current evidence-base to produce rehabilitation strategies to guide the private practitioner when managing patients with hip pathology.  The second half will provide practitioners with a principle-based approach to the early rehabilitation of shoulder conditions, based on our shoulder research and clinical expertise. As well as providing a greater understanding of the consideration for management of later stage, high level shoulder rehabilitation.


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Enhancing Treatment opportunities for Athletes with Hip and Groin Pain

During this one-day course there will be attention for theoretical principles on factors that are related to hip and groin pain in athletes, appropriately categorizing them based on recent international consensus. Understanding of related (non-)modifiable factors will allow making individual choices for athletes visiting your clinic. Sport specific analysis is important and will be discussed en trained. Adjunct modalities that may speed up recovery will be discussed and trained. Published and unpublished data will be used to support different approaches. Further specialization in the field will raise your level of knowledge and skills leading to targeted treatment. This will enlarge your success and reputation.


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Our entire organisation has been built around the further education of our members and their associates, and so it would be this event, first launched in 2005, that would completely fulfill our objective.

The event has remained successful since its inception and we will continue to introduce specialised courses that are in line with our strategy and intent, and that we also think will appeal to our members as innovative and informative topics.

Education Day has traditionally been the platform for showcasing new courses on a wide variety of subjects, all with the aim of underpinning clinical expertise, and this year is no exception.

Our 2014 Physio First statement of intent is to ‘champion evidence based cost effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace’, and it is with marketplace changes in mind that our amazing line up of lecturers for Education Day 2017 has been chosen.

Our Education committee strives to bring fresh, innovative ways to underpin business skills and clinical competency, but the relevance of input being supported by ‘evidence’ is becoming ever more necessary to demonstrate good patient experiences and outcomes. In doing so, we uphold professional standing and ensure that we, as private practitioners, are chosen for that recognised ‘’added value’’.

Friday night supper and trade exhibition launch....

"Always excellent for socialising/networking!"

Each tutor is invited to attend the Friday night supper event after the close of our five courses where our trade exhibition is launched and the conference first gets underway. This gives delegates a chance to meet their tutors and network with other professional physiotherapists.

Tickets are £19.00 - you will be the first to visit the trade exhibition stands, enter prize draws and competitions and enjoy a hot two-course meal with two glasses of wine per person at our drinks reception, so don't miss out! click here to read more!


New to 2017, our Friday night supper and trade exhibition launch will be ...open to the public!

This means that you don't have to attend our conference to go to our supper, but you will need to book before Friday 24 February 2017 as tickets will not be available on the day.