What is education day?

Education Day is our flagship event of our Physio First education sub committee, which takes place on the Friday immediately preceding our annual conference at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham. The aim of the day is to further the education of members by underpinning clinical expertise and expanding learning outcomes, on a wide variety of subjects.

Our entire organisation has been built around the further education of our members and their associates, and so it would be this event, first launched in 2005, that would completely fulfill our objective.

The event has remained successful since its inception and we will continue to introduce specialised courses that are in line with our strategy and intent, and that we also think will appeal to our members as innovative and informative topics.

Education Day has traditionally been the platform for showcasing new courses on a wide variety of subjects, all with the aim of underpinning clinical expertise, and this year is no exception.

Our 2014 Physio First statement of intent is to ‘champion evidence based cost effective private physiotherapy with Physio First members in the changing healthcare marketplace’, and it is with marketplace changes in mind that our amazing line up of lecturers for Education Day 2017 has been chosen.

Our Education committee strives to bring fresh, innovative ways to underpin business skills and clinical competency, but the relevance of input being supported by ‘evidence’ is becoming ever more necessary to demonstrate good patient experiences and outcomes. In doing so, we uphold professional standing and ensure that we, as private practitioners, are chosen for that recognised ‘’added value’’.

Course line-up for 2018

Simply click any of the links below to find our more about the courses set to run in 2018:

Friday night supper and trade exhibition launch

Each tutor is invited to attend the Friday night supper event after the close of our five courses where our trade exhibition is launched and the conference first gets underway. This gives delegates a chance to meet their tutors and network with other professional physiotherapists.