Dual Sanitaly - sponsors of the delegate bags

Dual Sanitaly S.p.A., a family company, has been producing orthopedic products since 1949. We propose an innovative line of braces named eKeep®. An all-Italian adventure that started with the creation of the S2 Shoulder Stabilizer®, a product unique in the field of orthotics, the first brace for the prevention of dislocation of the shoulder that controls rather than impedes movement. The other brace is K1 Posture Keeper® designed to achieve correct dynamic back strengthening. eKeep products are made with technical fabrics acquired from the sporting world have opened up new potential uses that are lacking in other fabrics.

Website: www.ekeepitalia.com/en/

TM3 - sponsors of the delegate lanyards 

TM3 are our generous sponsors of the delegate lanyards at Conference 2018. Be sure to visit them at stand number 1 in the main exhibition hall, or click here to find out more about the products and services they offer, to include an exclusive membership discount, as part of our Transformational partnership.

Website: www.tm3practicemanagement.com



Attainability UK - stand 31

Tel: 01743 245277 email: sales@attainability.co.uk website: www.attainability.co.uk

Attainability UK Ltd is the UK distributor of the U-Step 2 Rollator and the LaserCane, specialist products designed to reduce falls and improve mobility in people with Parkinson’s and similar neurological conditions. Come and see these unique products on Stand 31.

Your contact at the show is Bruce Lindop.

ExorLive - stand 6

Tel: 0208 819 6750 email: sales@exorlive.com website: www.exorlive.com

ExorLive is an inspiring exercise software for creating professional exercise programmes.

Since 2003, we have been working hard to help health professionals offer the best care for their patients. With more than 6 000 professional, easy-to-follow exercise instructions in HD-video, inspiring your patients to be active has never been easier.

Today, as market leaders in Scandinavia, we are proud and happy to be able to offer ExorLive exercise software to all UK health professionals in both the public and private sectors.

Driven by passion, accelerated by innovation, wewant to show the world how to move.

Ergonomic Cafe - stand 19

Email:john@ergonomiccafe.com Tel: 01407840691

The Ergonomic Cafe is not a reseller of ergonomic accessories, we are firstly and foremost designers and innovators of ergonomic DSE solutions. Once designed our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK and Europe, and most of our solutions are manufactured here in the UK. We work with partners in the ergonomic product supplier sector to deliver our solutions to the end user. Our main aim is to connect with DSE assessors and OH professionals to simply increase the awareness of our great British designed solutions.


Federation of Small Businesses - stand 17

Tel: 0808 2020 888 email: customerservices@fsb.org.uk  website: www.fsb.org.uk   

FSB are Experts in Business. Formed in 1974, we are a non-profit making and non-party political organisation whose member base covers the length and breadth of the UK. Our aim is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions. We realise this aim by offering our members a wide range of vital business services including advice, financial expertise, support and a powerful voice in government, influencing the decisions that affect their businesses. We are currently in discussion with Physio First with the intention of creating a mutually beneficial collaboration and as part of this process the FSB will have a presence at the Physio First conference! As an introductory offer, the FSB will be offering all Physio First members the option to waive the joining fee of £30 for their first year of membership, if you join anytime up till 29 August 2018. Our Membership Advisors will be available to discuss membership with you during conference. 

GUDARO Med-TECH (UK based) / MEDICAL QUANT - stand 24

Tel: 020-3286 2702 email: handy-cure@gudaro-medtech.com website: www.handy-cure.eu.com

We are developers and distributors of cutting edge medical devices based on break-through technology (Laser, IR, Electromagnetic, red & ultraviolet light) as energy sources for pain relief & sport injuries treatments, as well devices for fungal infections targeting nail fungus (Onychomycosis) cure treatments. Handy Cure™, a medical device for pain relief treatments, based on Quantum Medicine (QM) and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) technology used by DC's Chiropractors in USA, Osteopaths, Sport Therapists, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Rehab/ Elderly Care Centers. Handy-Cure™ is a very affordable, cost-effective LLLT and powerful medical device (certified CE) based on synergetic effects of four energy sources: LLLT (Cold Laser), Infrared, Static electromagnetic field and Red Light. 10+ years of field-proven results in rheumatic and orthopedic pain relief treatments:

  • Back pain, sciatica, joints pains, ligaments and tendons pains caused by gout, arthritis, osteoarthritis, other rheumatoid conditions
  • Athletic rehab, sport injuries, muscle strains, Achilles tendonitis, golf &tennis elbow pains,
  • Irritated, inflamed tendons.
  • Body joints pains (carpal tunnel, "frozen" joints/shoulder, elbow, knee, wrist & heels).

A must in pain management for any physiotherapy professional!

CURE EX ™, is a self-treating, OTC medical device (CE Certified), aimed to cure Onychomycosis (“ringworm of the nail”) easy-to-use, cost effective and field proven, providing non-invasive treatments. A must for any podiatrist and chiropody clinic!

Handspring Publications - stand 16

Tel: 01875 341 859 emailinfo@handspringpublishing.com websitewww.handspringpublishing.com


Handspring Publishing specialises in professional level books for physiotherapists, massage therapists, sports therapists, yoga therapists, osteopaths, Pilates teachers, and other professionals who use touch or movement to help patients achieve wellness. Our books combine attractive and accessible presentation with a practical, evidence-based approach including latest research findings. Amongst our most recent ground-breaking books are Medical Therapeutic Yoga by Ginger Garner, a physiotherapist who employs yoga therapy to enhance treatment outcomes for clients, and Spine and Joint Articulation for Manual Therapists by Giles Gyer et al, which covers best practice techniques for all areas of the body and all presentations. Browse our book list and be the first to know about new books and special offers by signing up for our e-newsletter at www.handspringpublishing.com.

Knee Tracker - stand 28

Knee Tracker™ is an innovative startup company offering an exciting range of unique smart products based on augmented reality and wearable remote sensors with patented technology.  Our products are designed to motivate patients to do pre and postop exercises and to measure compliance and progress. We incorporate alerts for remote notification when the patient’s progress deviates from the pathway and PROMS to standardize outcome measures.

Knee Tracker™ was awarded a UK government grant for further development and was selected as one of the most promising innovations in the UK at InnovateUK 2017

Out motto is “ Making exercises fun”.

Our products cover the patient’s pathway from Primary care, through Secondary care to rehabilitation at home.

Contact: Mr. Shameem Anthony Carl Sampath FRCS MBBS MCh(Orth)

Phone: 07771996334

Email:  admin@KneeTracker.com

Website: http://www.KneeTracker.com

Facebook: fb.me/KneeTracker

GRAVITY - stand 10

Tel: 01244319298

Email: mike@harveymorris.co.uk

Website: www.gravitylife.co.uk

20 minutes each day to improve posture and relieve pain. GRAVITY takes you out of the slouched position that is associated with many health problems and retrains you to maintain a more upright posture. It improves 3D motion and translation of the cervical spine and pelvis for clients when away from physiotherapy. GRAVITY promotes the activation of the muscular system to increase performance and reduce pain, whilst allowing the body to relax. GRAVITY is easy to use and easy to move, with no batteries and no fuss.



Medi-Direct - stand 13

Tel: 07850 374 618 / 0115 977 8371 email: craig.anderton@medi-direct.co.uk website: www.medi-direct.co.uk 

Medi Direct are dedicated to bringing unique, scientifically proven new therapies to market and helping improve consumer health & quality of life naturally - without drugs or medication. We have been providing alternative health solutions since 2002 and have come a long way since the sale of our first Paingone device. The success of Paingone has created expansion of our business, both in the UK and globally, we are delighted to have expanded our product portfolio to include some further globally recognised brand names, such as Fisiocrem and Posture Medic. Come and see us at stand 13 and try these great products for yourself!

Medserve - stand 30

Tel: 01327 310 310 mob: 07801 698488 email: info@medserveinnovations.co.uk website: www.medserveinnovations.co.uk

Medserve is a dedicated family business, established for over 25 years as European Distributor for a world leading Taiwan medical device manufacturer of electrotherapy consumables.  Alongside our core electrotherapy offering, our expanding portfolio focusses on distributing proactive holistic therapy tools and devices, not only for professional rehabilitation programmes, but also for short or long term use in the home. We offer a totally unique selection of highly researched physical and non-invasive therapy innovations which are recommended by practitioners worldwide.

Our collection of simple-to-use and common sense tools can easily be integrated into a rehabilitation programme and ideal for a proactive exercise regime to improve and maintain posture and spinal health or management of musculoskeletal problems.  Our innovative brands help practitioners to meet the needs of the changing healthcare market.

Osmond Ergonomics - stand 14

Tel: 0345 345 0898 email: info@ergonomics.co.uk website: www.ergonomics.co.uk

With over half a century in business and more than 20 years in the industry, Osmond Ergonomics has been supplying sit-stand desks and helping employers with agile working programmes since the 20th century. As Investors in People Gold, we ensure that all our personnel have extensive knowledge about the challenges our clients face. This allows us to look beyond furniture specification and space planning to consider the design issues that improve workplace wellbeing and productivity.

Painless Practice - stand 26

Tel: 01491 659073 email: support@painlesspractice.com website: www.painlesspractice.com

Painless Practice want to see a network of well-managed profitable clinics across the UK providing cost-effective private physiotherapy treatment – improving the nation’s wellbeing and providing rewarding businesses for Physio First members.

We provide group CPD on business issues, 121 business coaching and other services to help you to be part of that network of well-managed and profitable clinics.  We have helped hundreds of practices increase their patient numbers, engage their teams, plan for growth and upgrade the way they manage.  As one physio client, Stuart Paterson, said “You immediately understood the challenges our business was facing – and quickly got to the heart of what was holding it back.”  We believe in creating and celebrating success – so come to our stand to discuss what success looks like.

PhysioTools - stand 23

Tel: 01749 890870 Fax: 01749 890871 Email: uksales@physiotools.com Website: www.physiotools.com

15% discount for Physio First members

When we think of the challenges in achieving results from exercise therapy, adherence surely tops the list. How do you motivate patients to self-manage their own exercise programmes? Our mobile app helps with this through training programmes, targets and reminders all in one place, and is available free to all PhysioTools Online users

PhysioTools Online makes creating exercise programs for your clients quick and easy. As a result you save time, and provide your customers with the extra service that makes you stand out.

Select exercises, customise text and then simply send the exercise program to your client using our mobile app, PT Momentum. Of course you can also email or print your handout. Each exercise includes clearly written instructions, colour photographs and/or drawings and often videos

Our comprehensive exercise library has been created in co-operation with world renowned authors and publishers. We currently offer more than 21,000 exercises from different specialist fields that can be used not only in rehabilitation, but also in prevention and fitness. You can easily add your own content, create templates and share exercises with colleagues.

PhysioTools Online Basic includes over 2,500 exercises in 28 languages, evidence-based templates, plus free support and updates. The annual license fee also includes our mobile App that motivates your clients to exercise, provides a training diary and daily reminders.  You can also follow your clients’ training activity via PhysioTools Online. – request a free trial today www.physiotools.com

Physiotec - stand 25

Tel: +44 02032865865 email: info@physiotec.co.uk   website: www.physiotec.co.uk   

Physiotec is an online home exercise programme with videos that help patients to do home exercises and improve faster. Please come and visit us on stand 25 for further information.

As a strategic partner of Physio First, don't forget to visit them on stand number 25.


Phoenix Healthcare - stand 9

Phoenix Healthcare Products Ltd is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of physiotherapy equipment and specialist physiotherapy servicing.  We are the sole UK agent for some of the Worlds’ major physiotherapy brands.  These include Enraf Nonius, Gymna Uniphy, CSMi (Cybex Isokinetic machines) and Orthomotion CPM machines.

With over 35 years of experience in the physiotherapy market we have become the preferred supplier for many of the large private hospital groups, NHS, elite sports establishments, Universities, private physiotherapy clinics and professional football and rugby clubs throughout the UK.

Phoenix Healthcare Products has some of the most exciting and innovative products from around the World for the physiotherapy market – to learn more from us, please contact Pauline Beard on 0115 9656634 – or via our website www.phoenix-healthcare.co.uk.

Private Practice Software – Rushcliff Ltd - stand 21

One solution for all of your practice needs. 

Tel: 01283 550 777 email: sales@rushcliff.com website: www.rushcliff.com

Here at PPS, we understand what it takes to run a busy and successful practice, that’s why PPS is practical yet innovative software, built with you in mind! As a result of over two decades of close work with private practitioners, we have developed a winning combination of comprehensive and flexible features.

PPS offers a highly configurable appointments diary which allows you to manage multiple practitioners, treatment rooms and locations! Once you’ve booked your patients in, it’s over to your practitioners for treatment. Our clinical notes cover all bases including customisable forms, document attachment and image upload and annotation meaning that you can spend less time on admin and more time with your patients!

As we offer a full practice management solution you will also find PPS offers an account package which covers both patient and third-party billing so you can keep up to date with insurance company invoices and payments. To make sure you’re always on top of things we also have a full suite of reports which allow you to keep track of integral KPI’s. Our reports are completely customisable, too, making them the perfect tool for marketing and mailshots!

The best thing about PPS? You can have it your way! We’re available on and offline and across multiple devices! Stop by stand 21 to find out more about why PPS is the perfect solution for you.


Ravensford - stand 36

Tel: 0208 242 6098 email: info@ravensford.co.uk website:www.ravensford.co.uk

Ravensford is the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Snowdrop and Hotspot.

Snowdrop Paraben-Free Cooling Massage with Arnica & Witch Hazel

Snowdrop's smooth formulation takes easily to the skin to support massage. Thermographic data show an 8-10 degree reduction in temperature lasting as long as 30-40 minutes. Snowdrop also contains Menthol, Mentha Arvensis (Mint) Leaf Oil, Chamomile flower extract and Echinacea Root Extract. Unlike some other products Snowdrop is paraben-free. Dermatologically tested.

Hotspot Devil’s Claw, Clove and Capsicum Massage Rub

Hotspot provides a soothing massage with intense, long-lasting, heat sensation. This high-strength, low mess formulation should only be applied sparingly. Hotspot also contains Rosemary Leaf Oil, Calendula Flower extract, Nettle extract and Sunflower Oil. Paraben-free and dermatologically tested. RÖWO professional therapy products are developed in Germany.

Simplyhealth - stand 18

Website:  www.simplyhealth.co.uk/practitioner 

Email address: HealthcareProfessional@simplyhealth.co.uk

Telephone number: 0330 678 0282

Who are Simplyhealth?

We’re the largest health cash plan provider in the UK. We are a business with no shareholders; our profits go straight back into supporting customers and healthcare charities. Last year we donated over £1 million to charitable causes. With Simplyhealth you receive a professional partnership and your patients receive unbeatable cover with simple explanations, simple cover options and claims service.

We’ve created a collaborative community for practitioners and customers to make it easier for practitioners to promote themselves to patients, and simpler for patients to find a practitioner that suits their needs.

We’re not like other insurers: 

  • Simply set your own fees.
  • Simply less paperwork.
  • Simply building your business.

In February 2017 we agreed to join forces with Physio First to help promote the professional and marketplace value of Physio First members, and Quality Assured Practitioners, giving you access to our health cash plans and visibility to our customers when you register to our Practitioner Community.

Visit us at stand 18 and learn more!

Sissel UK Ltd - stand 4 and 5

Tel: 01422 885 433 Fax: 01422 882 143 Free phone: 0800 567 7664 email: info@sisseluk.com Website: www.sisseluk.com


Come and visit Sissel UK and see our extra special conference offers. Sissel carry an extensive range of orthopaedic, rehabilitation, fitness and Pilates equipment making us one of the UK’s leading suppliers.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality products and excellent customer. Please call at the Sissel stand where you will receive a warm welcome from Jane, Karen, Sheri and Andrew.  

TensCare - stand 8

Tel: 01372 72 34 34 Email: sales@tenscare.co.uk Website: www.tenscare.co.uk

TensCare Ltd is now an Employee Owned Business with the majority of shares being held for the benefit of all TensCare Ltd employees in a Trust. TensCare has evolved since its conception in 1994 to become Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of TENS machines. We provide drug-free pain relief for long-term treatment of chronic pain conditions and the relief of the acute pain of childbirth. Our electro-therapy devices provide muscle rehabilitation for post injury or trauma. A major area and one of increasing expertise for TensCare is in the supply of Pelvic Floor Exercisers for the improvement in continence and relief from bladder weaknesses as well as erectile dysfunction.

Besides a great range of products, new products for 2018 include the Shockwave unit.

TensCare Ltd is committed to supplying reliable, safe, effective, drug free solutions that will improve quality of life of the users by helping them feel better naturally.

To learn more from us, please contact andrew.brown@tenscare.co.uk or ben.calvert-painter@tenscare.co/uk

TM3 - World Leading Practice Management Software - stand 1

Practice Management Software like never before!

Tel: 028 9099 8697 email: enquiries@tm3pm.com website: www.tm3pm.com

Loved by over 10,000 happy practitioners worldwide, TM3 is modern and intuitive practice management software that helps streamline your day, so you spend less time on administration and more time treating patients. TM3 allows you to run your clinic on multiple devices (iPad, iMac, Windows etc.) with seamless integration between platforms. Simple, intuitive and flexible all in one!

Whether you are a big clinic, small clinic, single practitioner, TM3 can provide you with the tools to help your practice succeed in a competitive market. TM3 is a practice management system that was designed with the practitioner in mind and has transformed the industry once again with a completely new way of recording clinical notes. TM3's new clinical notes module includes a host of features for the practitioner such as new clinical flags and alerts, pre-populated meds and the most flexible assessment templates on the market. TM3 also helps improve interaction with your patients with scores and goals, TM3 Sketchpad and integrated exercise prescription.

Still using paper or spreadsheets to run your clinic? Not to worry, TM3 helps future proof practices every day. With a dedicated implementation buddy and free online training, you’ll find the transition quick and simple.

Trimbio - stand 2

Tel: 01403 597 597 email: sales@trimbio.co.uk   website: www.trimbio.co.uk

We look forward to seeing friends old and new on the Trimbio stand where you can view all our latest exhibition offers.

Trimbio offers a wide range of services and products including:

  • Over 1000 consumable products from resistive exercise band to couch covers.
  • Supply of new devices such as ultrasounds, lasers, and couches.
  • Reconditioned couches and electrotherapy devices.

On-site service and repair at very competitive rates.


Vivomed - stand 27

Tel: 028 44617666 email: sales@vivomed.com website: www.vivomed.com

Vivomed is a family owned and run physiotherapy and sports medicine supply company and is delighted to be a Physio First Strategic partner.

We have been working with private physiotherapy practises and sports teams in the UK and Ireland for over 15 years and now have one of the widest ranges of physiotherapy supplies available to our customers.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible so please come and visit our stand and avail of some amazing offers on Levotape kinesiology tape and other products.

In 2017 Vivomed were delighted to be appointed an Official Supplier to the British & Irish Lions tour to New Zealand for the third time in a row.

As a Physio First Strategic partner Vivomed is delighted to offer all members a discount on every online order made – come and see us to get your discount code.

Xavant - stand 20

Xavant Technology Ltd

Tel: +27 12 743 5959 Websitewww.xavant.com Emailsales@xavant.com

Stand personnel: Roché van Rensburg and Ingrid Martens


Xavant Technology is a South-African based medical device manufacturer specializing in peripheral nerve stimulators. Our guiding mission to create electromagnetic cures to target the root cause of diseased states has lead us to develop the STIMPOD NMS460 Peripheral Nerve Stimulator : a neuromodulation device used for symptomatic relief of chronic intractable pain. The STIMPOD NMS460 implements a unique patented Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform for the treatment of neuropathies. Our NMS460 delivers this Pulsed Radio Frequency waveform by means of a non-invasive probe, which is applied transcutaneously to the affected nerve. This ground breaking device, offers new hope for chronic pain and other intractable neuropathies.

Want your company to feature here?

If you are looking to showcase your products to a target market of private physiotherapists, get in touch today to find out how. Simply email amy.ross@physiofirst.org.uk or call 01604 684 968. Alternatively, click the button above to view our exhibitor page and see the benefits for yourself! Exhibition opportunities will close in January 2018.