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Remember you can book online to receive a £10 discount

Our £10 online discount will once again be available for 2018 Conference, therefore follow the online booking process and your booking will automatically be deducted. We also have a limited number of Friday/Saturday night accommodation at The Orchard Hotel available online - once these are sold, you will need to book accommodation directly with The Orchard Hotel.

NEW FOR 2018

Bringing your associates/friends? You will now receive a 10% discount for booking three people together which is a saving of almost £20 per person! In order to receive your 10% discount, please call our office (01604 684 968) or email us as this discount is not currently available online.

Please note this discount is also available to non-members!

How do I receive the 10% discount?

For the first time, Physio First will be introducing a multiple person discount to our members and non-members.

In order to receive this discount you will need to call 01604 684 968 or alternatively complete an online form and send this to

All of those on the discount will either need to be members or all non-members as unfortunately this cannot be a mixed discount.

If you are a member and would like to book three of your associates who are non-members, Physio First will honour your online rate and the non-member bookings will be processed collectively. the same applies for a non-member booking three members.

The three people within the discount do not need to be colleagues of the same practice.

The discount is only available on full conference bookings (Saturday and Sunday).

Prices are as follows:

3 members x early bird 1 rate (£290) = 870

10% = £783

Price per person = £261.00


3 non-members x early bird 1 rate (£375) = £1,125

10% reduction = £1,012.50

Price per person = £337.50

Conference rates

Education day

Education day courses start from only £135 during our early bird 1 band. This rate will be available until 27 October and thereafter will increase.

We will have a variety of courses taking place including Reappraising Entrapment Neuropathies by Professor Annina Schmid. More to be announced soon!

Book online and you will receive a £10 reduction on the prices below.

*Members early bird 1 (until 27 October)

*Members standard (until 30 Mar)

*Non-members standard








Friday night exhibition launch

Access to the exhibition is free of charge so come and meet our exhibitors, speakers and Physio First team.

At our launch evening, a hot two-course buffet is available for only £19 which includes two glasses of wine.

Our exhibition is also open to the public therefore if you are not attending conference as a delegate, please contact to register and a badge will be provided for you on the day.

Members' conference rates

Early bird 1 ends 27 October 2017 - prices will increase by £20!



early bird 1


Full conference (Sat and Sun)



Saturday only



Sunday only







Non-members' rates

These early bird 1 rates are available until 27 October

Book now to save £20!


Non-members early bird 1 (until 27 Oct)


Full conference (Sat and Sun)



Saturday only



Sunday only







Saturday night buffet

Our Saturday evening is changing...

We will be moving our regular event from The Orchard Hotel to the atrium for a quality private party! An extensive hot three course buffet will be provided to cater for all diets and a full bar will be available. A live band will play from 9pm-11pm for you to dance the night away so please do join us.

Tickets can be purchased online for just £25. Find more information on our Saturday night buffet page



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