Quality Private Physiotherapy - making an impact is coming on 28 April 2018

We would like to thank all of those that attended our 2017 conference, Body, Brain and Business: tools for success - we hope you enjoyed the weekend and look forward to seeing you again next year! To view photos from across the weekend, please click here.

Watch our Chairman's highlights from Conference 2017

  • 70% of delegates thought our 2017 conference well organised and engaging
  • 90% delegates would recommend Physio First conferences to their delegates and friends
  • 74% of delegates said Tania Pizzari was an excellent speaker!

"Good quality CPD, good networking, very well run – great showcase for the presentation (as echoed by speakers) and professional guests"

  • 81% of delegates said Paul Hodges was an excellent speaker!
  • 89% of delegates said they value the international speakers most about conference. In a close second was CPD with 81% of delegates saying they value this most about conference
  • 69% of delegates said Phil Glasgow was an excellent speaker! Who was your favourite speaker across the weekend?

"Good opportunities to meet new colleagues and share information. Also welcomed support and advice given from the Brighton team regarding QAP"